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Beat - On the Way

Music : Summer \ Visual : Summer

About On the Way

從房間到廁所的時間平常只要不到十秒,但如果今天胃痛、發燒、爛醉、腳抽筋、脊椎痛,那時間就有可能拉長到像是永遠到不了。內耗的狀態大概就像這樣,空間和時間被無限延伸,早就發現問題了,可是永遠找不到出口。 一步就好。 在這個當下,可能追求的就不能是一次性的解決,而是小小的一步。 一步就好。 每天往前走一步,即便你會花上比平常更多的時間 但你有一天還是會走到。

Typically, it takes less than ten seconds to go from the room to the bathroom. However, if today brings stomach pain, fever, intoxication, leg cramps, and back pain, the time could stretch out, feeling like it might never end. In this state of internal struggle, it seems like space and time are infinitely prolonged. I've long recognized the problem but can never find an exit. Just one step. In this moment, perhaps the pursuit shouldn't be a one-time resolution but rather a small step forward. Just one step. Take a step forward every day, even if it takes more time than usual, but one day you will get there.