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Beat - 一球入魂 Ikkyu Nyukon

Music : Summer \ Visual : Summer \ Inspired From : 排球少年!!Haikyu!!

About 一球入魂 Ikkyu Nyukon

梟谷學院,木兔光太郎。不受任何人影響,一直往自己想要的路走。有每個人都有的沮喪,但又會滿血復活。正值人生最迷惘的階段想起了這個角色,他是我人生的 Role Model。

Unaffected by anyone, he consistently walks the path he desires. Despite experiencing the common frustrations everyone faces, he manages to revive with full vigor. In the midst of the most bewildering stage of life, I recall this character—he is the role model of my life.