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Beat - Hippocampus

Music : Summer \ Visual : Summer \ AI Tool : Kaiber

About Hippocampus

為什麼追求更大的影子?明明太陽一下山,就都會消失。不確定有沒有靈魂或是存在的意義,但每當旋轉開始,腳步就會不自覺地往前。到底是誰在前誰在後,各自的解讀都不同。 海馬迴裡的一小部分,卻含有極強烈的成分。擦不乾淨了就乾脆擺著,可能有一天就乾了掉了,只要中途不要去摳 ,大概就會好了。

Why pursue a larger shadow? Clearly, they all disappear as soon as the sun sets. Uncertain about the existence of a soul or the meaning of being, yet whenever the rotation begins, footsteps unconsciously move forward. Who is ahead and who is behind, interpretations vary. A small part within the hippocampus contains remarkably strong elements. If it can't be wiped clean, just leave it be. Perhaps one day it will dry up and vanish, as long as you refrain from picking at it along the way, it will probably be fine.