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Music : Summer \ Visual : Summer \ Creator : @nonhumanceramics

About 藥丸怪獸頭

#創作理念 #非人製陶吳秋虹


The "NOBODY Monster Head" series of pills aims to portray that, amidst the complexities of this colorful world, whether it be desires, struggles, or melancholy, when facing death, we are but a speck of dust. It encourages expressing the inner frustrations and screams, facing the responsibilities that come with being human more actively. Life will always find a way, and we should confront it with optimism.

About 藥丸怪獸頭

#音樂製作理念 #summer


I like the ruggedly handsome appearance of the "NOBODY Monster Head" series, with pills on its head, as if ready to converse with creatures from different parallel dimensions at any moment. When I see their appearance, it reminds me of various bands I've recently listened to—rock, punk, and so on. In truth, I'm not sure how to define them. Breaking away from the constraints of traditional guitar or chords, I started my creative process with a segment featuring a cool bass I liked, and it eventually evolved into its current form. Various noises and experimental sounds weave through it, like the sounds of a conversation unfolding through pills.