monster world

Music : Summer \ Visual : Summer \ Creator : @monster.world_studio

About monster world

#創作理念 #monsterBear

I like that I can enjoy myself even when I’m alone. But there will be a time when whether you or I will think of a friend. Maybe because of the quiet surrounding atmosphere, our friends often create laughter or always have candy. Even if not willing to share it. I like to tell the story through this work because when drawing, I feel really fun. Just thinking of that moment, I am very happy to draw it.

About monster world

#音樂製作理念 #summer


I chose this artwork, starting from the relaxed feeling of chatting with friends on the streets at night! It’s like discussing where to go next, that sense of anticipation that hasn’t ended yet 👻 I added night time sound effects and psychedelic synthesizers, as the color palette of the artwork is based on purple, with a vibrant color scheme that I really love about this artist. The main character is a little alien creature, so I wanted to incorporate some psychedelic elements into the street atmosphere ✌🏼