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Music : Summer \ Visual : Summer \ Creator : @hokki_co

About No.2 調香

#創作理念 #hokki

這次與Summer的合作彷彿是命運的巧妙安排。前陣子,我正在思考,也許可以找一個方法,讓品牌和音樂之間建立某種聯繫。 就在這時,我剛好收到了Summer的追蹤通知。於是我主動與他聯繫,問道:"你好,打擾了。很好奇為什麼你想要追蹤我呢?" 我心裡想著,或許能夠找到香水和音樂之間的某種共通之處。 他很快回覆我說:"好神奇哦!我正想與你分享我購買了你的試香瓶的心得!特別喜歡2號!" 就這樣,我們因緣際會地展開了對話。 在交談的過程中,Summer提到可以以No.2的感受為靈感創作一段音樂,最終成就了這次的合作作品。期間,Summer分享了很多他的創作過程,以及No.2在他生命轉變期的特殊意義。 真的沒想到香水能夠引起人如此深刻的體悟,我真的要感謝Summer,讓我明白原來香水可以超越香味的層面。 由於每個人成長環境和生活經歷的不同,對於味道的想像和共鳴也是千變萬化的。或許這段音樂無法讓你與No.2聯想在一起,但或許你可以嘗試從中感受,一個人在微雨的夜晚街道上,不在乎他人的目光,隨著內心音樂的節奏自由而自信地舞動。

This collaboration with Summer feels like a twist of fate. Recently, I was thinking about creating a connection between my brand and music. Coincidentally, I noticed a follow notification from Summer. I decided to reach out to him. I said, "Hello, sorry to bother you. I'm curious why you wanted to follow me?" I thought, perhaps we could discover some shared qualities between perfume and music. He immediately replied, "How interesting! I was just about to give you feedback on buying your sample bottle! Really love No.2!" And that's how our conversation started, born out of serendipity. As we chatted, Summer suggested using the sensations of No.2 as inspiration to create a piece of music, which eventually became the result of our collaboration. During this process, Summer shared a lot about his creative journey and the role No.2 played in his life during a period of transition. I never imagined that perfume could evoke such profound insights. I truly appreciate Summer for enlightening me that perfume can be more than just a fragrance. Due to different upbringing and life experiences, everyone imagines and resonates with scents differently. Maybe this piece of music won't make you associate it with No.2, but you might try to feel it. Picture yourself on a rainy night street, not caring about others' judgments, dancing to the rhythm of your inner music—freedom and confidence.

About No.2 調香

#音樂製作理念 #summer

No.2 對我來說是自信之香,我最近出門都會噴。但比較特別的是,這款香水出現在我的轉換期。以前噴香水比較像是刻意展現我很有自信,想向不知道誰證明什麼一樣。即便從頭到尾根本沒人在乎,而我也不是真的有那樣的自信。 近期的轉換與其說是有了自信,比較像是把向別人證明這個陋習給拔掉。也因為拔掉了,整個人也變得比較鬆比較舒服。在這樣的時期遇到了 No.2 ,No.2 就是我自己很喜歡這個味道,所以我要噴,僅此。沒有複雜的理由,也沒有別人的眼光。 從這樣的情緒出發,所以就從我最喜歡的曲風還有音樂元素開始!吉他、k-rnb、夜晚、走在路上跳舞,這類的感覺,然後就蹦出一個我最近真的最喜歡,最喜歡的創作了!

No.2, to me, is the fragrance of confidence. I've been wearing it every time I go out recently. What makes it special is that this perfume emerged during a transitional period for me. In the past, spraying perfume felt more like a deliberate effort to showcase confidence, as if I needed to prove something to someone who didn't really care. Even though nobody really cared from start to finish, and I didn't truly possess that level of confidence. During this recent transition, rather than gaining confidence, it feels more like pulling out the habit of proving myself to others. Because I've let go of that, I've become more relaxed and comfortable. During this time, I encountered No.2, a fragrance I personally love, so I wear it, just for that reason. No complicated explanations, and no concern for others' opinions. Starting from this emotional state, I began creating based on my favorite music genres and elements! Guitar, K-R&B, nights, dancing while walking on the street—those kinds of feelings. And then, out popped a creation that I currently adore the most!